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TDTU English language proficiency assessment test

Introduction to the English Language Proficiency Assessment Test

English proficiency test at the beginning of the English undergraduate program includes the following skills:

Skill 1: Assessing your ability of English usage, Reading and Listening: according to the structure of Cambridge English Placement Test (CEPT).

  • Duration: around 45 minutes on a computer.
  • CEPT is an online compatibility test. When a candidate takes the test, the following questions will be based on the result of the candidate's previous answer. This will result in the test becoming easier or harder until the proficiency is consistently shown, at which point the candidate's English level will be determined correctly. The compatibility test is suitable for all candidates regardless of their level of English. Candidates do not have to answer all the questions that are harder, or easier than their level.
  • Exam results will be published shortly. Each candidate is reported based on a maximum score of 100 points according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Note: it is necessary to complete all the questions of the Listening, Reading and English usage sections in order for the system to measure language proficiency and give results. Candidates focus too much time on one skill and do not complete the other skills, the result is not likely to be displayed.

Skill 2:  Writing

  • Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Number of words: 250 – 300.
  • Candidates write an essay commenting on a social topic. Candidates are encouraged to adhere to the duration and number of words.

Skill 3: Speaking

  • Duration: 10-12 minutes.
  • Each candidate will take the speaking test with 1 Examiner.

Part 1 (3 minutes): The Examiner will interview the candidate regarding to his/her personal information.

Part 2 (3 minutes): The Examiner will ask the candidate to present a social topic.  Candidates have 1 minute for preparation and 2 minutes for presentation.

Part 3 (3 minutes): The Examiner will continue to ask questions related to the topic and opinion of the candidate presented in Part 2.


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