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TDTU Calendar

I. Important dates

1. Preliminary notification of academic warning results and course processing Semester 1 : Phase 1 (Intake 2020 and earlier) Mar 12,2022, Phase 2 (Intake 2021) Mar 27,2022 ; Semester 2: Sep 27,2022

2. Announcement of extracurricular training points:

- Semester 1: Mar 12,2022

- Semester 2: Sep 05,2022

II. Holidays in the academic year

1. National Day: Sep 02-03,2021 (Thursday, Friday)

2. The TDTU's Foundation Day: Sep 24,2021 (Friday)

3. Vietnamese Teacher's Day: Nov 20,2021 (Saturday)

4. New Year's Day: Jan 01,2022 (Saturday)

5. Tet Holiday:

- Student's expected time: Jan 24 -> Feb 06,2022

- Lecturer's expected time: Jan 24 -> Feb 06,2022

6. Hung Kings Commemoration Day: Apr 10,2022 (Sunday)

7. Reunification Day: Apr 30,2022 (Saturday)

8. International Labour Day: May 01,2022 (Sunday)

III. Further information

1. Registration for Study Plan & Courses for each semester as notified by the Department of Undergraduate Studies.

2. Semester 1: Courses of odd semesters; Semester 2: Courses of even semesters as indicated in the standard training plan; Summer Semester/Semester 3: General and basic courses in curricula; Extra Semesters 1 & 2 (evening): Professional courses of even and odd semesters in the standard training plan; When submitting the study plan, students can select the unscheduled courses, and the Department of Undergraduate Studies will consider adding selected courses.

3. Faculties must deliver this academic calendar 2021-2022 to all the lecturers and students.

4. Based on the actual situation, the units develop the plan of Graduation Internship/Graduation Thesis/Major Project, graduation ceremony in phases; adjust the exam plan according to reality if implementing online exam.

For TDTU academic plans, current students log in your Student Portal by your student account.