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Inspire Library

Location: TDTU main campus.

Opening time: Monday-Friday: 7:30-20:00; Saturday-Sunday: 7:30-17:00.

The library plays the role as a supply of academic materials, high quality service, space and tools in seven floors named Indurance, Nisus, Sagacity, Progress, Initiative, Responsibility, and Excellence

In the INSPiRE Library, users are encouraged to communicate in English. It can serve more than3,000 users in total at once.

Besides the information service spaces, social meeting areas, special services and collective areas, INSPiRE LIBRARY is proud of its design according to the model of Learning Commons including 09 presentation practice rooms, 03 group study rooms, 02 video rooms, 01 online conference room, creative media zone and more. Designed by TDTU faculties and students, it is one of the most modern libraries in the country and meets world standards with the latest library management methods for operating, exploiting, and developing management.

Find more about TDTU INSPiRE Library here.