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Self-service Shops

Besides some local eateries near Ton Duc Thang University, students can assess one of the convenience stores on the campus.

In-Campus 7-Eleven

First and foremost, stopping by the convenience store chain 7 – Eleven is the go-to store for food, snacks, grab-n-go meal, cold beverages, toiletries, and so much more. Generally, open 24 hours a day. In front of the store located under the old dormitory area (dormitory I and H), there is a communal area as well as a full-service café.

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Step Up Cafe

Next is a sole convenience store called Step Up Cafe, which is spotted in the new dormitory area (dormitory K and L). Along with the food sections, the 24/24 store displays stationeries that provide you with schooling learning. There is also a shared space in the Step Up Cafe that offers popular beverages like specialty coffee, smoothies, and bubble tea.