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Renew visa

Before your student visa is expired 3 weeks in advance, you have to contact us at Room A0001, Building A, Tan Phong campus, Ton Duc Thang Unversity. The following steps will help you to prepare for your renewing visa application:

Step 1: Log in TDTU student portal at to request for a letter of student verification. Then, receive it at the Department of Student Affairs (Room A0003) within around 2 - 3 days. If you can’t request for the letter online or you have trouble with it, then contact the staffs there.

Step 2: Contact your faculty to make a paper named "Giấy xác nhận tình trạng sinh viên / Certificate of student status".

Step 3: If you live in TDTU dorm, you can contact I0005 to get the Temporary Residence Certificate. If you live outside TDTU, you need to contact the landlord to get the Temporary Residence Certificate that can be made at the Police station in your living area.

Step 4: Once the papers are available, then submit them with other documents to INCRETI (Room A0001, Building A, Tan Phong Campus, Ton Duc Thang University). The papers for extending you visa include:

1. The Student verification paper.

2. The Certificate of student status.

3. Original passport. (Submit both new passport and the previous passport if the passport has recently been renewed).  Note: Your passport must have at least 2 empty sheets of paper and be still valid in the next 6 months or above.

4. One portrait visa photo (size 3x4, white background). Write on the back of it: the student’s full name, student ID, dorm room number, the latest immigration date into Vietnam.

5. Temporary residence paper.

6. Visa extension fee (provisionally collected 3,500,000VND/student except Laotian students)

Step 5: INCRETI will inform you of the result and you can go to Room A0001 to get the renewed visa and passport.

Note: Your visa can be extended in case your current visa is a student Visa and sponsored by TDTU. If your visa is different from the features, you need to apply for a new visa. For other specific cases, please contact us.