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Doctoral programs


TDTU provides Doctoral programs:

Duration: 36 – 48 months

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Complete the curriculum of doctoral program;

  2. Complete a Ph.D. dissertation and defend it successfully at University-level;

  3. Main author of conference paper or book chapter or paper of national journal credited by the State Council for Professor Title with the score at least 0.75 points;

  4. Total publications related to Ph.D. dissertation follow TDTU's research regulations, and accumulated at least 4.0 points (in major of Engineering - Nature) or 3.0 points (in major of Social - Ecomomic) credited by the State Council for Professor Title;

  5. Submit final Ph.D. dissertation to both TDTU's Library and National Library of Vietnam;

  6. Published as the main author at least 02 WOS/Scopus papers;

  7. Completed paying tuition fees.

Major list:

  1. Civil Engineering (9580201)

  2. Computational Science (9460107)


  • Master's Degree and Transcript in a relevant applied major (Please see The list of relevant majors here).

  • Bachelor's Degree and Transcript in a relevant applied major.

  • English Language Proficiency: (English certificates must be valid for two years from the test date up to the application date)

TOEFL iBT From scores of 46 and above
IELTS From scores of 5.5 and above
Cambridge Assessment English

B2 First/ B2 Business

Vantage/ Linguaskill

Scores of 160 and above

Aptis ESOL General

B2 with scores from 153 and above

Aptis ESOL Advanced B2 with scores from 126 and above

  Application Requirement's Documents:

  1. Application Form (Submit online)

  2. Curriculum Vitae/ Resume (Based TDTU's format)

  3. Consular legalization of Master's Degree certificates and transcripts (attached English translation if transcripts are in a foreign language)

  4. Consular legalization of Bachelor's Degree certificates and transcripts (attached English translation if transcripts are in a foreign language)

  5. Research publications (all files of published papers)

  6. Statement of purpose (500 words) in TDTU format

  7. Two (02) Reference letters (at least one (01) letter of Master thesis’s advisor)
  8. Notarized copy of Passport

  9. Photograph (3x4 cm)

  10. Health check report (within the last 6 months)

  11. Applicants who completed their degree in a language other than English are required to submit evidence of English proficiency

  12. Bank guarantee (The bank account balance as bank owner with the minimum amount $2,500, and in valid until the application submission deadline)

  13. Criminal record (within the last 6 months)

  14. International student commitment form (Submit directly to the Department of Graduate Studies on arrival at Tan Phong campus)

*For detailed requirements, refer to the website of the faculty.


PhD's Programs


Medium of Instruction


Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering



Computational Science

Institute for Advanced Study In Technology




  • Tuition fee: 60.500.000 VND/year