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How to apply

Thank you for choosing to study at Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU).

In the academic year 2022 – 2023, international applicants can apply to study the undergraduate programs at TDTU with scholarships or with your own fund. 

In order to have an opportunity to be funded with TDTU scholarships, you must have a strong academic performance background and/or good English/Vietnamese language proficiency. The undergraduate programs which are available with TDTU scholarships include:

  • Undergraduate programs taught in Vietnamese language.
  • Undergraduate programs taught in English language.

We prioritise the applicants with top academic performance and the target we have planned in the academic year. Therefore, reaching the required minimum GPA is compulsory and fundamental or your application will be rejected in our reviewing process.

With non-scholarship applications, you have more options in the programs and more opportunities to get admission at the university:

  • Undergraduate programs taught in Vietnamese language.
  • Undergraduate programs taught in English language.
  • Undergraduate programs taught in Vietnamese language and English language.
  • Joint programs with international universities.

The application will close after our deadlines. The results of scholarship and non-scholarship applications are announced at the same time. In case your scholarship application is failed, you can send a further request to study with your own fund. We will check your qualifications eligibility and the semester time, then we will decide whether to offer you a place or not.

Before you apply

Make sure you have read the following checklists:

- Identify the undergraduate program that suits your language proficiency and the corresponding course you are interested in.

- Estimate if you are qualified enough to apply for scholarships (1) or study with your own fund (2), then decide your type of application.

  • For (1): Check the minimum entry requirements for your scholarship application here
  • For (2): Check the minimum entry requirements for your non-scholarship application here

- Prepare the scanned files of Admission Documents.

Applying process

Step 1: Download TDTU Application Form (download here).

Step 2: Fill in the form.

Step 3: Write a new email with the email subject: "Application 2022-2023_Your full name_Your nationality".

Step 4: Attach the TDTU Application Form and necessary scanned Admission Documents.

Step 5: Send the email to TDTU Admission Team: and wait for our communication.



Notes: The scans of the Admission Documents for reviewing process provide us necessary information to evaluate if you are eligible for the study and/or scholarship or not. For the successful candidates, you will be informed to prepare hard copies of the following documents to submit us directly upon your enrollment at TDTU before the new semester starts: 

- To enroll on the Vietnamese /English language course, the hard copies of the Admission Documents must be submitted to us.

- To enroll on the Bachelor's program, the hard copies of both Admission Documents and Bachelor's Enrolment Documents must be submitted to us.

Click here to check the documents in details.


For further information, please contact:
International Cooperation, Research & Training Institute (INCRETI)
Room A0001, Building A, Ton Duc Thang University
19 Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: (+84) 283 77 55 108 - Email: